How do I create a Shipment?

To create a Shipment in Scurri:

Once logged into the Dashboard

Click the Shipments link in the left hand navigation.

The 'Create' a Shipment link will become visible. Click this link.

You should see the following screen appear.

1. Recipient Info

The 'Create' a Shipment screen has three tabs (Recipient Info, Order info, and Shipping info).

At this stage, the first tab should be highlighted (Recipient Info).

If you have configured your Rules correctly, you would normally only need to fill in the Recipient Info tab.

If you've imported an address book, by typing into the last name or company name, you should see a list of possible recipients (if they exist, of course).

After a few characters have been entered, a list of recipient destinations should become visible. Only the first 5 matches are returned.

A shipment requires the following (at a minimum) to be entered before it can be saved in the Scurri system:

1. Last Name or Company Name

2. Country

3. Address Line 1

4. City


2. Order Info

When you have entered your recipient details, in the bottom right corner you can find a dropdown with the following options. 

1. Next 

2. Create

(1) If you select Next you will be taken to the Order Info page, once you have completed this page select next again for the Shipping Info page. 

If there are no errors on your Shipment, it will allocate the shipment and generate a label for you to download by presenting the following screen. 

In the top right, you can see what Carrier and Service has been allocated to the shipment. When you click, Print Label, you will be presented with the PDF of the label.

(2) If you highlight Create a Create and Add Another option appears it will save the Shipment, run the rules and allocate if available but not generate the label. In this instance, you will be presented with a new form so you can enter another Shipment.

When saving, if you see the message "Could not allocate shipment automatically" in the top right, it means that the shipment cannot be allocated to a service based on the current rules you have. 

To fix this, you must either assign a service manually on the Shipping Info Tab (third tab) or change your rules. Please see the section below that focuses on assigning a service manually on the Shipping Info Tab. To update your rules, you need to click the following link:



There are two types of errors: Scurri Validation Errors and Carrier Specific Validation Errors.

1). Scurri Validation Errors

If you are missing a required field the page will not save and the errors will appear at the top of the page. You will also see the tap where the error exists and underneath the input field, the error message will be displayed. Below is an example when you try and save the Shipment without entering any details.

For some countries, we validate the Postal Code field. For example, for the United Kingdom, if you enter an incorrect Post Code, it will ask you to fix it. 

2). Carrier Specific Validation Errors

When we try to generate a label for some carriers after the allocation step (where Scurri Local Validation is applied) you might get a Carrier Specific Validation Error.

These errors are highlighted in the red box and the message is displayed to you. They can sometimes be harder to debug since they are often passed directly back from the carrier.

We have included two carrier errors below as an example.

DHL Carrier Validation (in German)

UPS Carrier Validation

3. Shipping Info

The third tab is where a Carrier, Service, Package Type and Enhancements can be applied to a shipment.

Shown in the example below UPS is the assigned carrier. The service chosen is UPS Express 07 and the Package Type is UPS Express Box. You have the option to choose from a list in these fields. 

Enhancements are additional options that the carrier might need completed to fulfil the shipment or are additional services and features that the carrier provides.

Other common enhancements are notification types (SMS and E-Mail), information regarding batteries contained in the shipment, paperless trade options and customs documentation options.

Each carrier is different so please check the enhancements available to the carriers that have been enabled for your account.

If you manually assign a shipment, the rules will not be applied.


Changing Fields when Shipment is Assigned

When a shipment is assigned to a service (whether by the rules or manually), if you change a field on the first or second tab (Recipient Info, Order Info tabs), the following message will appear in the top right.

Since you've changed the shipment, we clear the Carrier, Service, Package Types and any Enhancements so that your rules can be run against the shipment correctly.


Consignment Identifiers

In Scurri, we have a Consignment Identifier field. This is how the Consignment is identified within Scurri and it appears in the URL's that we generate. 

Normally this is generated automatically. If you want to change it, you need to navigate to the second tab (Order Info), uncheck the "Automatically generate" in the Consignment Identifier field and enter a valid identifier. When you uncheck the "Automatically generate", it will remember that option in that browser.

A valid identifier can use characters from A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and a dash. Dots & spaces are not valid identifier characters.


Order Reference

The Order Reference field is how you identify the fields within your WMS (Warehouse Management System) or OMS (Order Management System). This field can consist of any UTF-8 characters, although you are advised to use standard characters since we often pass this value to carriers. 

This field is also on the Order Info tab. To change the Order Number, uncheck "Automatically generate" in the Order Reference field and enter a value. When you uncheck the "Automatically generate", it will remember that option in that browser.


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