Setting up your Scurri - Magento Integration

How will orders be imported to Scurri?

You'll mark the orders as "Ready to Import to Scurri" by invoicing and shipping the orders in Magento. Scurri checks Magento every five minutes for orders in that state. Scurri will import the orders, check your shipment rules and allocate those shipments to your preferred carrier and service without the need for any manual intervention. When you print your labels and then manifest at the end of the day, Magento will be updated to include the tracking information and mark the orders as shipped.

There are two parts to the Scurri integration with Magento which you will need to do. The first part is configuration within Magento, the second part is configuration within Scurri.


Magento Setup 

  1. Log in to your Magento account
  2. Click System, and then scroll to Web Services
  3. Click SOAP/XML-RPC - Users
  4. Click + Add New User
  5. Create a user name – Please use the below details, this will avoid issues later.

  • The admin password is the password you used to log in to Magento Admin back end
  • You must create the API key- this can be any length
  • Make sure you note all configuration information for reference later

Now, you will need to create a role in Magento for the new user you created which determines the permissions that user should have.

  1. Click System again, and scroll to Web Services
  3. Click +Add new Role
  4. Create a name - this must also be “scurri”
  5. You will again be asked for the admin password.
  6. Once successfully saved, choose Role Resources from the tree on the left of the screen
  7. It will detail all the access points that can be configured for the user. Choose as per these screenshots:Permissions2_2.pngPermissions1.png
  8. Click Save one assigned
  9. Then Click System again, and scroll to Web Services
  10. Click SOAP/XML-RPC - Users and click on the user you created earlier
  11. Click User Role from the left-hand panel.
  12. You will now see the new role in this list. Select it by clicking the check bubble beside it.
  13. Save again - you will be asked for confirmation of the password.

    This now means there is a user with specific permissions which will be used later when configuring in Scurri.

    Next, you need to create Order Statuses for Scurri to work from.

  14. Click System, then Order Statuses- To add a new one, click + Create New Status
    You will need to create 3 order statuses, we recommend using the below.

    Status Code
    Status Label
    ready_to_import_scurri Ready to Import to Scurri
    imported_to_scurri Imported to Scurri
    shipped_via_scurri Shipped via Scurri
  15. Once you have them created, you will need to click + Assign status to State
  16. Choose the newly created order status in the first drop down and match it to the Complete order state 
  17. Do this for each of the statuses you created in step 21 - they should all be a version of the Complete status
  18. Make Ready to Import to Scurri the default Complete status
  19. If using Part Shipments, you will also need to set up the following Order Statuses. If not, skip to Scurri Setup.
    Status Code
    Status Label
    part_ready_to_import_scurri Partially Ready to Import to Scurri
    part_imported_to_scurri Partially Imported to Scurri
    part_shipped_via_scurri  Partially Shipped via Scurri

  20. Once you have created them, you will need to + Assign status to State
  21. Choose the newly created order status in the first drop down and match it to the Processing order state
  22. Do this for each of the statuses you created in step 26 - they should all be a version of the Processing status.

    This concludes the Magento side of the integration - now we move to the Scurri side.


Scurri Setup

  1. Log in to Scurri
  2. Click Setup, then Integrations
  3. Click +Add New Integration
  4. Click +Add beside "Magento 1" and you will be presented with a page to fill out. Most of the details will come from the setup you have just completed in Magento.
  5. The first field asks for a WSDL Path - simply use the domain of your Magento store and append "/index.php/api/v2_soap?wsdl=1" to the end, for example, our website address is "" so the WSDL path in that case is:
  6. Fill in all the Magento user name and Order Status details, including the API Key that you created in Magento.
  7. In the field Weight Units in Magento, you should choose the unit configured in your Magento setup
  8. Notify Magento end users on manifest, when set to yes, is used to update your shipments that have been manifested in Magento. Scurri will update the Magento order status to Shipped via Scurri and any tracking information (if provided by the carrier) will be returned.
  9. In the Custom notification message section, you can add a template for use in the Magento notification emails sent to customers. Please see the sample text in the earlier screenshot.
  10. Fix item duplications caused by configurable items should be ticked if you stock items which have the same name but have different characteristics e.g you may carry a particular style of shoe but it has varying sizes and colours.
  11. Custom Fields 1 & 2 - As a Magento user, you are able to define additional criteria which can be used in your Shipment Rules to allocate your orders to specific carriers and services, by mapping other parameters to the two fields Custom Field 1 and Custom Field 2
    For example, if you want to use the "status" field passed by Magento in one or more of your rules, Scurri does not have this field as one of the default rule criteria but as a Magento user, you can define a custom field to pull in this parameter and use that as a condition in your rules.
    If you intend to use custom fields, let us know and we will check that the Scurri receives the field in your Magento imports.
  12. Make sure you tick the box Check magento periodically. It enables Scurri to poll Magento every 5 minutes, checking for orders in a Ready to Import to Scurri status.


This concludes the setup of the Scurri-Magento integration! Now when you invoice and ship your orders in Magento, Scurri will import your orders automatically.


Magento Status Page

You can view the Magento status page from the menu bar on the left by clicking Setup, then Integrations, then, beside the Magento 1 integration, Status. 

The total number of orders imported is recorded in the Imported to Scurri and Imported sections above.

As orders begin to import, they appear in the Initial section.

Stale orders indicate an issue or a difficulty with the order import.

In the Magento Communication section, if an import is in progress, True will be display beside "in progress".

Last communication indicates how long it has been since Scurri polled Magento. If you have ticked Check magento periodically in the integration screen, this values should always be 5 minutes or less. Anything longer than that being displayed indicates a communication issue. In this case contact and we will investigate why this has happened.


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