Troubleshooting Magento

This article will help you troubleshoot some potential issues you may face with Magento.

Orders not importing to Scurri

Check that the Last communication in the Magento status screen is 5 minutes or less.(From the menu bar click Setup, then Integrations, then Status beside your Magento integration) If not, this indicates a communication issue. Next steps are:

Check that the WSDL and username/password configured in the Magento Integration screen are still valid.

Check that your local network/firewall has not blocked Scurri from communicating.

Check that your orders are being set to Ready to Import to Scurri so that they may be imported.

Ask Scurri to check if a Comms Lock has been done on your Scurri account. In the case where Scurri receives bad data consistently from a client's Magento, we will lock interaction with the account. The Comms Lock must be manually removed by our Support team.

You should check if the WS-I Compliance is set to `Yes`in your setting in Magento. (Click SystemConfiguration > Services > Magento Core API) WSDL is in the incorrect format which means that Scurri cannot read the Data. Change this to 'No' then the Data will be changed to the correct format.


Scurri slow to import from Magento

To improve Magento performance, try the following
Enable WSDL Cache
To Enable WSDL Cache in Magento follow these steps
  1. Login to admin panel.
  2. Go to System > Configuration > ServicesMagento Core API
  3. Select ‘yes’ to Enable WSDL Cache.

Clear the WSDL Cache
You can do this two ways, through the UI under System/Cache Management
Or you can go to /var/cache located inside the Magento installation directory. So, for example, if your Magento is installed in your main public_html folder, the cache will be in public_html/var/cache.
To clear the cache, simply delete everything from the /var/cache directory and then reload your browser.

Stale Orders

If you notice stale orders (generally orders older than 24hr) in the Magento Status page in Scurri, this can indicate the following problems:

  1. An order that was previously imported has been put in a Ready to Import to Scurri state in Magento. Scurri will not import an order that has already been imported so the order is marked as stale. To resolve this, put the order into the correct state in Magento.
  2. The order has been put into a Partially ready to import state but the order only contains one parcel. To resolve this, put the order into the Ready to Import to Scurri state in Magento.
  3. The Magento cache could have prevented orders from importing within the last 24hrs. To resolve this, follow the steps in Scurri slow to import from Magento above.
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