How do I configure printers on Scurri?

This is normally done prior to on boarding, however, if for any reason you may need to configure your printers, just follow this helpful guide!

Here is a guide on how to configure your printers.

You will need to make sure Java is up to date in order to configure your printers - See this help guide on how to make sure Java is up to date.

1. First, log in to Scurri using your user name and password.

. Once you are at the home screen you will see a cog - Click it.

. Once you click the Cog, you will be brought to a new screen.

. If you have not updated Java, and you click "configure Printers" you will see the following:

5. If you click "Problems Installing" It will take you to Java so you can update it.

. Simply select the printer you want to use for both your label printer and documents and you will be set up, you only be required to this once.

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