How do I configure printers on Scurri?

Should you need to configure your printer on Scurri we have created the following steps to help you along. 

You will need to make sure Java is up to date in order to configure your printers - See this help guide on how to make sure Java is up to date.

Once you have completed setting up your printer on your laptop/computer you will be required to give Scurri access to the printer.

In your dashboard go to 'Setup' from this drop down menu select 'Company Setup'. You will see a choice of 4 options in this tab. You will be required to select Print Settings.

Step 1. Simply select 'I'm using a thermal printer' by clicking on the name. 

Step 2. Select 'I'm using an A4 printer' by clicking on the name.

When you have selected the printer you are using click save.Label_Printing_Setup___Change_Details_for_P___C_Retail___Scurri.png

For more information about printing please see our Printing Articles

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