Scurri Statuses - What do they mean?

Use this handy guide to see the different statuses that can appear on your orders, what they mean and what you need to do next to fix them. 


Shipments are in an unallocated state when further information is required. It means that the shipment cannot be printed. To amend the order you need to view details of the order and beside "Status" you will note the carrier and service and a ? which you can hover over for a reason. 

Reasons tend to be because the name is too long, or the post code does not match the address. To fix, you just need to "edit details" and put in the amendments, saving then should move the order to "Allocated"



Shipments in an allocated state have been successfully allocated to your chosen carrier and service. 

These are now ready for printing. 



Shipments in a printed state have been printed and are now ready to be manifested.  Shipments in a printed state may be re-printed if necessary. 

Note: Some carriers restrict the ability to reprint an already printed shipment, Royal Mail is one such carrier. 



Shipments in a manifested state, have been successfully manifested and are now ready for collection. Shipments in a manifested state are now capable of being printed again. 


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