How do I manifest my orders?

Once you have printed your labels, the next stage is creating the manifest. 

Once you manifest the shipments they are now marked as ready for collection and therefore cannot be subsequently edited.

Creating the manifest allows you to get the full list of parcels to give to the carrier, or you can choose to send an electronic pick up request to your chosen carrier. 

To create a manifest simply follow these steps;

1. Once you have printed all of your labels for the day, go to Shipments, and then select "Manifest" 

2. Once you are on the manifest page, select "Generate Manifest"

3. Select the carrier that you want to manifest orders from, and confirm the correct details for the warehouse address, and click "Next"

Note: you will need to complete manifests separately for each carrier. Only the orders that use the selected carrier will appear on the selection page. 

4. Select the orders you want to manifest from by selecting the tick boxes.
Take special care here as once an order has been manifested, it cannot be removed from the manifest and the manifest cannot be edited. 

Some Carriers may reject a manifest if all of the parcels are not included on it, or if there are some that are missing. 

5. Then click "Generate"

6. Confirm your choices, Note: If you want to delete one of the order references from the order, just select the "x" icon beside the reference. 

7. And that's it! your manifest has been created. To view your newly created manifest, simply go to the manifest page and double click the manifest you want to see. 

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