Adding more items to an order, or taking those lines away

This guide will help users add more items to their packages, or instead, remove those lines if required. 

1. To edit a shipment - click the order reference to view details and click on "Edit Consignment"

1. The default view, allows the user to add one item or a number of the same item to the parcel. 
Note: if you have 2 or more of the same item in the parcel and use the Qty field, it will multiply the weight you put in the weight field. 

2. You can add a new line item by selecting the "Add Item" box.

3.  This gives you a new line, like below. 
If you do not fill this line with information, it will stop the order being created. 

4. To remove this line if you no longer need it, select, the bin beside the line you want to remove. 

5. The line will then be removed. 

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