My order is unallocated due to a "0" weight field

We have recently made a change to Scurri which means that if an order is taken in that does not contain the weight details it will move to an unallocated state. 

By doing this, it means that the carriers have all the required data to generate a label and make sure they are giving back the correct costings. 

To amend the order that has moved to an unallocated state due to an empty or zero weight field, you simply "view details" of the order and select "edit" and amend the weight field, this will move the order to an allocated state. 

1. View details of an order

2. Select Edit details

3. Amend the weight field 

4. Select Save

However, to avoid this altogether, you can just make sure that you have added a weight to each product in your stores. 

Below, I have some links to different order systems to allow you to change the details that comes in from your store.


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