How do I edit a shipment?

You can edit a shipment in a status of With Errors, Ready to Print or Ready to Ship.

However, if the shipment is in a manifested or cancelled state you cannot edit it.

You can edit any information in a created order except the order number or the consignment identifier. (For information on manually creating shipments, see here.)

You have 2 options to open a consignment in order to edit it. 

  1. From the dashboard
  2. From the shipment overview

Option 1

When you are on the dashboard in any of the three buckets (With Errors, Ready to Print, or Ready to Ship) when you move your cursor over an order you will see three quick options pop up on the right side of the order: Print, Edit, and Cancel.

By selecting Edit you can edit your shipment.

Step 2

When you click the order number from the dashboard, you will enter the shipment overview screen. You will now see on the right-hand side, you now have the options to Edit, Print or Cancel.

Once you have changed the required information, you will need to click Save, or Save & Add Another to save your changes.

If you click Save, as long as there are no errors in your shipment, it will allocate the shipment to your selected carrier and service and generate a label for you to print. You will need to click Print Label on the next page in order to open this pdf in a new tab.

If you click Save & Add Another, this will save the shipment and allocate it without trying to print a label. For information on printing your labels, see here.

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