How do I print a commercial invoice?

Scurri allows you to be able to generate commercial invoices without the need to manually write them out. 

With Scurri, you can rest assured that the commercial invoice format is that as required for your chosen carrier, for example, Scurri generates both CN 22 and CN23's for Royal Mail. 

To print a commercial invoice, you just need to select print as normal as Scurri will detect which shipments require a commercial invoice by default (by looking at your chosen destination). 

you will note for shipments requiring a commercial invoice, 2 tabs will open for you to print, 1 with your label and the 2nd for any commercial invoices required. 

If you mistakingly shut down the window, select the arrow beside "print" and make sure just to have "Commercial Invoices" ticked and select the shipment you want to print a commercial invoice for. It will then just print the commercial invoice for your selected shipments.

Note: by default, Scurri will print both commercial invoices and labels for you without having to manually select which shipments require them. 

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