My order is in the 'Error' status. What does that mean?

When you import or manually enter your order you may experience an 'Error'. This is also known as an unallocated order. 

On rare occasions your order may get rejected, this might be rejected from the carrier. This may happen if you have not met the required criteria to proceed with the shipment. For example you may have exceeded the number of characters allowed in an address field or you may have a special character included in the recipients information. 

We have included 2 steps to show you how to access your order in the Error Status. 

Step 1. In your dashboard select With Errors, here you will see all the orders which are in the error status.

Step 2. Select the Order Number which will allow you to open your order and edit the information where necessary. 

Print___Scurri.pngTo amend the error you just need to Edit the order and fix the issues. Resolving the issue will allocate your order into the Ready to Ship status. 

For information on editing an order please visit the below article:

How to edit my order

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