Configure Printers

Note: You only need to configure your printers if you are currently using the auto-print feature. If you are not, you will be printing from the Browser and these steps are not required. 

If you see the above message, you just need to configure your printers via the Scurri settings panel. 

Please Note: This feature requires you to have Java installed and up to date. 
Mac OS users using Google Chrome, will need to use Mozilla Firefox or Safari to set up as Java is not supported by Google Chrome for Mac users. 


You will see the message "You don't have a printer set up that can print this consignment. Would like you like to set this up now?" when you attempt to print a label. 

Select "Yes" and you will be taken to the configure printers page. 

On this page you will see a printer per carrier active on your account and also a printer for your documents (such as commercial invoices)

You can use the same printer for each if that is your set up, or select a printer for each function. Just select the drop down to see a list of printers currently installed on your machine. 


Simply select the printer you wish to use and click Save on the top and it's done. 

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