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At Scuri we are continuously improving ways for our Customers to seamlessly print labels. 
Customers who are using our 'Scan and Print' feature have reported 25% savings on despatch time. 
Scan and Print allows you to auto print labels. All you need is a barcode that represents the order reference number that has been imported to Scurri. For example, the barcode can be available on a picklist.  
An App called Printnode provides the ability to auto-print from Scurri. 
How to set up Scan and Print. 
First, contact our Support team to enable the Scan and Print function on your account.  
Our Support team will send you back:
  • Printnode username
  • Printnode password
  • Download link for Printnode
Once you have downloaded Printnode and enabled it by logging in, please follow the below steps: 
  1. Log in to Scurri 
  2. Click Shipments
  3. Click Print 
  4. Select Scan & Print Print___Scurri__.png
  5. Click on the Printer iconScan___Print___Scurri__.png
  6. Under Auto Print Settings select the printer required for both:
    1. Thermal printer name - 6 x 4 inch documnets
    2. Plain printer name - A4 documentsAuto_Print.png
  7. Tick the box for Sound enabled
  8. Click Save
Printing from Multiple Workstations

Printnode must be installed on each workstation and set the default printer at each workstation. Each time you scan, the default printer will print the label.

If there's a different printer required for each work station, then a separate Scurri username is required for each to allow different default printer to be set per workstation.  The same Printnode account is used for each work station.

Please contact us if you have any questions at
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