Quick Start Training Guide - Scan and Print

Scurri allows users to be able to autoprint where they have a barcode with the order reference in Scurri. 
This can suit some customers who have a workflow that suits this option. 
Set up and use of Autoprint / Scan and Print
To use scan and print - first, contact Scurri to enable it as an option on your account. 
Once confirmed, Scurri will send you a Printnode username and password and a download link for Printnode. 
- This app allows you to be able to auto print from Scurri. 
Once you have downloaded Printnode and enabled it, you can go to Scurri.
Log into your Scurri account, and select Ship, and then Scan & Print
Inline image 3
Click the Printer Icon
Inline image 1
From here, simply click the drop down and choose the printer for both fields - Both fields must have a printer chosen. 
Sample set up
Inline image 5
Now when you select Scan and Print, you just need to scan the barcode (Order Ref) into the bar and your label will print.
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