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Scan and Print allows you to auto print labels and invoices. All you need is a barcode that represents the order number in Scurri. Our customers usually place this barcode on their picklists. 
We utilise an app called Printnode to provide this ability to auto-print from Scurri. 
How to set up Scan and Print. 
First, you will need to contact our Support team to enable the Scan and Print function on your account.
Our Support team will send you back:
  • Username: (Email address)
  • Password:
  • API Key:
  • Printnode Download:
Once you have downloaded Printnode and enabled it by logging in using the correct credentials, please follow the below steps:
  1. Log in to Scurri

  2. From the menu bar on the left click Setup, and Company Setup

  3. Click Print Settings

  4. You will now see a section here entitled "Autoprint settings"
    You will need to select the printers for:
    1. Thermal printer name - 6x4-inch documents
    2. Plain printer name - A4 documents

  5. Tick the box for Sound enabled if you would like a confirmation sound upon printing when using Scan and Print

  6. Click Save

  7. To open the Scan and Print page, from the dashboard click Ready to Print, and then click the green Scan and Print button in the top right of the page

  8. You are now ready to begin using Scan and Print!
Printing from Multiple Workstations

Printnode must be installed on each workstation. If there's a different printer required for each workstation, then a separate Scurri user is required for each to allow different default printers to be set per workstation. The same Printnode account is used for each. 

For more information about other printing methods in Scurri, please click here.

Please contact us if you have any questions at

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