CSV - What's needed?

In order for you to successfully create a CSV profile there are certain fields Scurri needs, on top of that, certain carriers will require certain fields at a minimum before issuing a label. 

Find below the list of fields we recommend at a minimum to avoid unallocated issues due to missing information. Don't worry if some of these are missing, Scurri will alert you to missing fields during the CSV import process for critical fields and will move shipments to unallocated if they are carrier specific allowing you to amend the shipments via the user interface. 

*Starred fields are required fields or else the import will fail. 

All Shipments
Order Reference *
First Name
Last Name / Company Name * (one is required)
Address 1*
Address 2
County/State (for countries without postcodes)
Postcode (set to zero if there is none)
Phone Number (pref mobile so the carrier can contact your customer)
Email Address

International Shipments
Item Description

 For a guide on how to set up your CSV profile, see here

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