Does Scurri Support Eircodes?

Until July 2015, postcodes were not in use in the Republic of Ireland, however, a voluntary system has now been put in place, each house/business now has a post code or "Eircode". 
In relation to whether Scurri support's Eircodes, this is carrier specific. 
Right now we’re taking the Eircode provided to us and passing on to the courier, just like any postcode for anywhere else.
In Ireland, Fastway are already set up internally to take advantage of the Eircodes for route planning etc.
Next steps for us are:
  • [Optionally] Append an address with an Eircode when none is available
  • Eircode and UK Postcode lookup in the user interface
Both of which we’re planning to do in the next few months.
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