Datamax - printing test label but NOT from Scurri

Datamax printer is plugged in, turned on and printing test pages but not printing labels via Scurri. 


The reason for this is generally either 1 or both of the following issues:


1. The media type has been set to Thermal instead of Direct Thermal

2. The control codes are set to Standard instead of Alternate codes. 


The quickest way to determine this is to print a printer configuration page from the Datamax printer. To print this page, press Feed and Cancel at the same time and a 3-4 page configuration sheet will print. 

The settings that need to be amended are done so via the printer panel. Selecting settings and then, first enabling the menu to the advanced view. 

To amend settings:

1. Hit "Settings" and scroll to "Media Settings" and then "Media Type" and select make sure "Direct Thermal" is selected. 


2. Hit "Settings" and scroll to "Communications" and select "Control Codes" and make sure "Alternate Codes" has been selected. 


Please see print out of correct settings as mentioned earlier. Note, the configuration file will generally print across 4 pages and the position of the sections may be on different pages, but will fall under the same headings. 

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