There are two stages to a Magento set up, The Magento set up and then the Scurri setup. 

  1. Login to the customer's admin backend of the Magento account. - You will need user access details to do this. 
  2. Click System, and then scroll to Web Services
  3. Click SOAP/XML-RPC - Users
  4. Click + Add New User
  5. Create a user name and other details and note them down for future reference
  6. The admin password is the password used to access the Magento Admin back end. 
  7. You must create the API key - this can be any length. I use a password generator to generate these. 
  8. Make sure you note all configuration information for reference later.

    Now, you will need to create a role in Magento for the new user you created which determines the permissions that user should have. 
  9. Click System again, and scroll to Web Services
  10. Click SOAP/XML-RPC - ROLES
  11. Click +Add new Role
  12. Create a name - it can be anything but should be easily identifiable later - something like scurri
  13. You will again be asked for the admin password. 
  14. Once successfully saved, choose Role Resources from the tree on the left of the screen
  15. It will detail all the access points that can be configured for the user. Choose as per the list above 
  16. Then Click System again, and scroll to Web Services
  17. Click SOAP/XML-RPC - Users and click on the user you created earlier
  18. Click User Role from the left hand panel.  
  19. Then you will see the role you will be able to choose it by selecting the check bubble beside it. 
  20. Save again - you will be asked for confirmation of the password. 

    This now means there is a user with specific permissions which can be used later when configuring in Scurri
  21.  Next, we need to set up Order Statuses
    Click System, then Order Statuses - To add a new one, click + Create New Status
    Create 3 order statuses: 
    Status Code - Status Label

    Status Code
    Status Label
    ready_to_import  Ready to Import
    imported_to_scurri Imported to Scurri
    shipped_via_scurri  Shipped via Scurri
  22. Once you have them created, you will need to + Assign status to State
  23. Choose the newly created order status in the first drop down and match it to the Complete order state 
  24. Do this for each of the statuses - they should all be a version of the Complete status

    This concludes the Magento side of the integration - now we move to the Scurri side

  25. Login to Scurri
  26. Click Manage, then Integrations
  27. Choose Configure
  28. You will be presented with a page to fill out, most of the details will come from the set up you have just completed in Magento. 
  29. The first field requires a wsdl url - simply use the domain of the Magento store and append "/index.php/api/v2_soap?wsdl=1" to the end, so in example:
  30. Then simply fill all the details in that you have created into the page. 
  31. The weight question, refers to the metrics that are used in your Magento Store. Configuring this means that you will be able to determine whether the weight is grams or kilos in your Magento Store. 
  32. The notification does not have to be sent, you can choose to disable if required, you can amend the wording by amending the text in the text box. 

Contact us at for more information on setting up your Magento account. 

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