Add DPD/Interlink to your Scurri Account

Setting up your DPD/Interlink account with Scurri.


The details required are as follows:


Account Name


Account Number






Please send details to to kick off your integration.


Please note that it is important to follow the guidelines for generating your test pack very carefully as a failure to do so may prolong the time it takes to have your account validated.


What happen’s next?

Once we get your details, the credentials are populated in the system and you will need to send a physical label test pack, to make sure your labels print of sufficient quality.


You need to send a test pack to include the following:

A cover note including the following:

  • Your Company name and contact details, to include email address
  • A label for each service you are using.
  • Using the stationery and printer that you are using on a day to day basis


You must then send everything in an envelope, using a tracked service to:

FAO Adam Robinson/Leigh Howell
Geopost UK
IT Department (ATS)
2nd Floor, Hub 3
Broadwell Road
B69 4DA


Guidelines for test pack

  • All labels must be print on a 4 inch by 6 inch paper stock size.
  • All label information must appear within the label
  • Your printer options must not be selected to print “fit to page” as there can be no scaling of the barcodes that appear on the label.
  • Please make sure your printer heads are clean and your thermal printer heat settings are sufficient to print a clean, clear quality barcode.
  • Please make sure you are printing on the same stationary that you plan to use day to day. e.g. don’t print on a normal A4 page if you plan on using a 4 x 6 thermal label.


See screen below for more notes

Note screen shot below - Do not select “Fit to Page”

The label should be orientated as appears in the screen view below.


Once printed, make sure the label is clear and appears as it does in the screenshot above.


  • The barcodes are not clear
    You need to make sure the heads of your printer are clean
    You need to make sure your heat settings are correct

  • The label prints but some of it is missing from the sides.
    Make sure your printer is set to print 4 x 6 labels
    Make sure the paper is at least 4 x 6
    Make sure “Fit to Page” is not selected

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