How to Remove Duplicate Orders

If you have imported your orders twice, you now have a duplicate of your orders which need to be removed. 

There are two options to identify these duplicated orders when you go to your Scurri dashboard.

Step 1.

Go to the status where your orders are allocated (ie. ready to print).

Here you can filter your orders by double clicking 'Created At' from newest to oldest. 

This will allow you to easily identify the duplicated orders of which you can cancel by ticking the box and selecting cancel. 


 Step 2. 

You can also identify the duplicated orders when you select 'Analyse' and then 'Volume' within your Scurri dashboard. 

Here you can select the date range you want to view and download the file. 

Within this CSV or Excel file you filter your data by date to help identify the duplicated orders. 


If you have any questions regarding this you can contact our Support Team by emailing












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