Submitting Feature Requests for Scurri


A Feature request is a request for a new feature or function in Scurri that isn't currently available. (For example, a new label format, or adding a new carrier, or even small things such as adding more information to a report, or adding new rule conditions.)

Submitting A New Feature Idea

If you have any new ideas or features you would like to see in Scurri, please contact us at

How We Decide On New Features

We want Scurri to be awesome. Sometimes this means not working on one thing so we can work on something else that's more important. Deciding what's important isn't easy. Here's how we do it:

  • We have a weekly meeting where we review all new, and open feature requests.
  • In this meeting, we decide which features will add the most value to Scurri for our customers as a whole e.g. increasing the number of transactions and making delivery simple.
  • Based on this review we prioritise the feature requests and queue them up to be analysed and worked on by our development team.

When you submit a feature request we will keep you updated on its status and let you know when it is going live.

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