Submitting Feature Requests for Scurri

Last updated 25th June 2013

Do you have an idea for a cool new feature of Scurri that you think could make us better? This guide is here to help you understand how we keep track of feature requests as well as how to submit new ones.

Existing Feature Requests

We're already tracking a ton of your feature requests in Scurri:

  • For now we are tracking any feature requests here on Zendesk. This may change, but we will keep you updated!

How We Decide On New Features

We want Scurri to be awesome. Sometimes this means not working on one thing so we can work on something else that's more important. Deciding what's important isn't easy. Here's how we do it:

  • Review the feature requests we receive here, We may not ship a feature just because we have received a lot of the same requests but this does weigh into our decision-making process.
  • Review customer communication and incoming email and raise common themes and excellent ideas to the team.
  • We have an internal Scurri Development board that we use to discuss features among the team and decide who will work on them.
  • We meet as a team regularly to discuss the overall direction of Scurri and what features will help move us in the right direction.

We want to be careful to add the right features to Scurri so that it remains a product that you love.

Submitting A New Feature Idea

We use Zendesk to log all feature requests, for a link on how to submit a request, see this, alternatively, email us

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