Add a Zebra Printer to a Mac

First things first, connect your Zebra printer by USB to your Mac. This is for a Zebra LP 2844 or a ZP 450. 

1.  Select the Apple icon from the left hand side of your screen and select "System Preferences"

2. Select "Print and Scan"

3. Once the box opens, select "+" to add a printer and scanner


4. Select the printer that you have connected by USB from the list of printers attached to your account. Then choose "Select Printer Software" from the drop down menu. 


5. Type "Zebra" into the search bar to locate the available Zebra driver from the "Printer Software" options. Select the "Zebra EPL2 Label Printer" driver and then click "ok". 

6. Now that you have selected the appropriate driver, select "Add"

And that's it! If you have any questions, please contact us at


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