Label quality improvement

If you find that your label quality appears to be dropping or needs improvement, this can be done by installing the most up to date drivers for your printers or by following the below tips.


  • All labels must be printed on 6x4inch paper stock size. (N.B. DPD labels are 152.4mm x 105mm, slightly larger than standard 6x4inch labels at 152.4mm x 100mm)
  • Your printer options must not be selected to print “fit to page” as there can be no scaling of the barcodes that appear on the label.
  • Ensure your printer heads are clean and your thermal printer heat settings are sufficient to print a clean, clear quality barcode. (You may need to try a few different combinations of heat and speed settings to find the best setup for you.
  • Ensure:
    • Dithering is set to 0/none.
    • Darkness is set to medium/high.
    • Printer speed is set to slow/medium.
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