Setting up your Scurri - Magento 2 integration

How will orders be imported to Scurri?

You'll mark the orders as "Ready to Import to Scurri" by invoicing and shipping the orders in Magento. Scurri checks Magento 2 every 3 minutes for orders in that state. Scurri will import the orders, check your shipment rules and allocate those shipments to your preferred carrier and service without the need for any manual intervention. When you print your labels and then manifest at the end of the day, Scurri will update the order in Magento to include the tracking information and mark them as shipped.

There are two parts to the Scurri integration with Magento 2 which you will need to do. The first part is configuration within Magento 2, the second part is configuration within Scurri.


Magento 2 setup

We need to configure your Magento 2 store so that it’s configured correctly for Scurri.

Log into your Magento 2 account and then follow the instructions in your Magento 2 interface.
First, let's configure a user role for Scurri:

  • Open System > User Roles

  • Click Add New Role and then Name Role (we recommend naming it Scurri)

  • Open Role Resources on the left and set your Role Permissions
    • The easiest thing is to enable All permissions (Scurri will only read your Order and Product data and create new Shipments)


If you want to set more detailed permissions, ensure you activate the following:

In the Sales folder:


- Sales -> Operations -> Orders -> Actions -> View

- Sales -> Operations -> Orders -> Actions -> Comment

- Sales -> Operations -> Orders -> Shipments

In the Products folder:


- Product -> Inventory -> Catalog

- Product -> Inventory -> Categories


  • Save Role Permissions

  • Next, let's configure a user for Scurri. Go to System > All Users

  • Now click Add New User and fill in the user details


Again, we recommend naming your user "Scurri". You'll need to use a real email address. You'll need to create a password, as well.

NB We'll need to use this password later so keep note of it.


  • Open User Role, assign the user role to "Scurri" role and then click Save User

  • Next, we need to set up Order Statuses. Go to Stores > Order Status

  • Now click Create New Status and create the following 3 order statuses
    • N.B. these must be set up using the exact below status codes to match the defaults in Scurri. However, the status label can be different


(Status Code - Status Label)

ready_to_import_scurri - Ready to Import to Scurri

imported_to_scurri - Imported to Scurri

shipped_scurri - Shipped via Scurri


If using Part Shipments, you will also need to set up the following Order Statuses.


(Status Code - Status Label)

partial_imported_scurri - Partially Imported to Scurri

partial_shipped_scurri - Partially Shipped via Scurri


  • Next let's assign order status to a state for each of the order statuses that we just created, click Assign Status to State

  • For the first three order statuses we created, choose the order status and assign the order state to Complete. Then click Save Status Assignment, repeat this for all three statuses.
    On the "Ready to Import to Scurri" order status make sure to tick Use Order Status As Default

  • For the last two order statuses we created, choose the order status and assign the order state to Processing. Then click Save Status Assignment, repeat this for both statuses.
    You will also need to assign the “Ready to Import to Scurri” status to Processing, but make sure you do not tick the box to make this the default Status for Processing.


That's it we've configured Magento 2, now we need to configure Scurri.

Scurri Setup

We now need to configure Scurri to connect to your Magento 2 store. This part is very straightforward.


  • Log into your Scurri account and then follow the instructions in your Scurri interface

  • We need to add an integration for Magento 2, open Setup > Integrations

  • Click Add New Integration and then click Add button for Magento 2

  • Now you will need to fill in your username, password and your Magento 2 hosting URL


Your Magento hosting URL is the location of where your version of Magento 2 is stored. It should look something along the lines of

Your username and password are what we saved earlier when setting up the User for Scurri in your Magento.


  • Click Save and you're done!


That's it we've configured Scurri with Magento 2. You are now ready to start importing your orders into Scurri!

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