DPD Consolidate Feature

One of the features DPD offers is called "Consolidate". This offers you discounts when you send multiple consignments to the same person at the same address with the same service on the same day. (Please note, you should check with your DPD account manager to see if this feature is applicable to you)

When this feature is enabled, DPD do this automatically as you create the separate consignments in Scurri.
On these consignments, you will see that the consignment number stays the same but the package count will rise each time you create another package or consignment.

One drawback of this feature is that DPD does not offer an edit functionality via the API integration. What this means is that if you edit shipments, while using the consolidate feature, this will register as a new shipment to that address and the new label will show package 2 of 2.

This feature is enabled by default in Scurri.

If you would like to disable this feature please submit a ticket here in the help centre or simply email us on

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